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Jul 10, 2017

When Nino Tarantino moved to Boston from Rome, Italy nearly 20 years ago, he had no way of knowing that he would someday be charged with building the North American subsidiary of a brash European technology startup

As fate would have it, Tarantino received a call from Fabio Sbianchi, a former colleague from the 1990s, who had a unique North American opportunity to discuss.  Sbianchi had been busy making headlines in Europe inside the fledgling field of telematics - the leading edge technology that was upending traditional auto insurance consumer models by empowering insurers to more closely track the driving behaviors of customers.

Founded in 2002, Sbianchi's company Octo Telematics quickly surged into the ranks of Europe's middle market companies, and the entrepreneur was now looking for someone to lead the charge in North America. Tarantino was more than intrigued and accepted Sbianchi's forthcoming job offer. 

Only four years after its launch, Tarantino's North American business passed 1.5 million telematics policies users throughout the U.S. and Canada, according to a recent press announcement. Join us when Nino recalls the opportunity that came knocking and the path to grow he is now blazing.